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Our mission is to ensure that anyone can easily access the best global products and services anywhere, anytime.

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About Us

We want you to feel completely comfortable with us. Tallisdom Healthcare Limited is a healthcare recruitment agency, placing a wide range of healthcare professionals all over London and the South East. 

Our sole aim is to ensure that both our clients and candidates are satisfied with our services. And we endeavour to select and provide the best.

Our Workwear

We are now able to offer essential products that are fully complaint to the relevant standards and are suitable for use to prevent the transmission of the COVID-19.


These products will help you to keep your worker and workplace safe from COVID19.  We can source both disposable and non-disposable PPE.

Surgeons wearing PPE
Staffing Expertise

We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients, consultants and candidates allowing us to meet high expectations. 


We identify and deploy the right talent to meet your needs. We have robust recruitment screening processes to ensure 100% compliance.


Every community, whether large or small, needs nurses to provide expert care from birth to end of life. The roles nurses take range from direct patient care and case management to establishing nursing practice standards, developing quality assurance procedures, and directing complex nursing care systems.

For a Nurse no two days are the same; its a dynamic and rewarding job with great opportunities for personal development through ongoing training, support and career specialisation. Nursing has a robust professional framework with a wide variety of roles so you can find something that suits you, whatever your life stage and career aspirations.

Using our knowledge and experience, coupled with our reputation, we support all of our candidates in finding their first role, and at every stage as their career develops.

Nurse wearing PPE
AHP cleaning surface with PPE

Allied Health Professions

The Allied Health Professions are a cornerstone of NHS strategy for the next decade and into the longer term future. The framework provides a robust structure, enabling agencies to offer fulfilling and rewarding jobs, and to deliver high quality care to citizens, old and young, when they need it.

Tallisdom Healthcare works very closely with all classes of healthcare agency across the UK. We specialise in understanding their developing requirements and finding the right professionals to meet their needs. Whether you are new to health care, actively working, or returning after a career break, we can help you identify the best opportunity for you in the new AHP structure.

We believe in relationships, both with our wide network of trusted medical contacts, and with the many individuals they need to deliver their public promise. Our aim is to help them succeed, and to give you the knowledge and opportunities to develop at every stage of your career.

Mental Health

The importance of Mental Health Care is now truly recognised and understood in UK. It provides vital assistance to people in need, and the Mental Health Care workforce is growing rapidly, and will reach 27,000 staff by 2024.  Every role in Mental Health Care is essential to ensure patients get the support they need, when and where they need it.

Tallisdom Healthcare can help you find opportunities in a range of Mental Health Care roles across the UK. We work closely with NHS trusts and other government agencies, truly understanding their requirements and helping you to find the best permanent or temporary jobs for you. Our focus is always to help you find a role that will allow you to learn and apply skills, providing the income you need now and a career that will develop and grow as you build your expertise.

Recruited therapist writing notes in a book

Our Workwear

We offer a wide range of Workwear for your needs in a variety of departments and sectors to ensure you have everything required to keep your staff safe.

  • Infection Control

  • Casual Work Wear

  • Protective / Safety Clothing

  • Specialist Workwear

  • Footwear

  • Miscellaneous Workwear

Modern Balconies

Why Do We Have Such High Reviews And Are We Really As Good As You Think? 

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